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Mourners advised to carry smelling salts, sweets

Oct 25. 2017
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The National Institute for Emergency Medicine on Wednesday advised mourners waiting for the Royal Cremation ceremonies around Sanam Lung to carry smelling salts and sweets (candies) to prevent fainting.

Captain Dr Atchariya Paengma, secretary-general of the institute, said mourners could faint because of several factors, including hot spells, chronic ailments, lack of sleep, lack of water and food or mental stress that would cause inadequate blood supply to the brain.

He said if mourners around Sanam Luang feel nausea, have breathing difficulties or feel irregular heartbeat, they must inform the people close to them immediately.

“And mourners should observe the people around them. If they see anyone with a pale face, cold body and sweating, and his or her way of speaking changes, or they lose consciousness, they must inform the mobile medical unit closest to them immediately,” Atchariya said.

He said a person who fainted should be taken to a shaded place where there is good air flow, and his or her legs must be placed higher than their head. Their clothes must be loosened and they must be give a sweet drink when they come to.

He said mourners should prepare themselves mentally and drink a lot of water, as well as carry smelling salts and sweets for themselves and the people around them.

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