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Poll reveals mixed reviews of new Cabinet

Dec 03. 2017
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Only half of the Thai people think the latest Cabinet reshuffle will help the Prayut government improve its performance, a survey revealed on Sunday.

Conducted by Suan Dusit Poll, the survey asked 1,195 respondents nationwide from November 28 to December 2 about their opinions on the new Cabinet members who were sworn in before His Majesty the King on November 30. The large-scale reshuffle last week saw 10 newcomers joining the Cabinet and eight ministers shifted to different tasks.

Half of the respondents (50.2 per cent) thought the reshuffle would enable the government to perform better because the new ministers were competent, experienced and could learn lessons from their predecessors to solve problems more precisely. 

However, nearly 43 per cent of respondents expected the Cabinet’s performance to remain the same because many problems were persistent and would be difficult to resolve if the pattern of the working did not change. About 7 per cent thought the reshuffle would worsen the government’s performance because of the disruption caused by the change and the waste of time and budget funds.

Asked about their overall opinion of Prayut’s fifth Cabinet, almost one-third (about 32 per cent) hoped the Cabinet would help solve problems to improve the government’s performance, while nearly 29 per cent said it would take them some time before making any solid achievements. 

Less than one-fifth (just over 17 per cent) thought the new Cabinet was focussed on improving its work to build more public confidence; 16.5 per cent said it was just a rotation of position holders; and nearly 11 per cent thought the reshuffle was only carried out to reduce public pressure and criticism.

Asked about their expectations of the new ministers, almost half (49.5 per cent) expected them to work in the country’s interests and perform well, while just under 41 per cent expected them to speed up their efforts in tackling economic problems and improving people’s quality of life.

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