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Kalasin woman, 66, wins Bt1 million in welfare lucky draw

Dec 19. 2017
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By Chompit Pinmuang
The Nation

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A 66-year-old Kalasin woman’s poverty has ended up making her rich overnight.

Neng Khamjaras of Tambon Najan in Muang Kalasin was overjoyed on learning that she’d won the Bt1-million first prize in a December 16 lucky draw for low-income earners registered for the government’s welfare scheme.

“I never thought I’d win Bt1 million!” she said, and she was still in disbelief after tambon clerk Jensak Ayarat informed her of the windfall on Monday.

“When I get the money, I’ll put it in a bank and make merit, especially for my younger sister, who passed away two years ago, something I’ve always intended to do,” she said.

Neng believes the jackpot win resulted from her habit of making merit and helping others, particularly her late parents and her seven siblings.

Neng, who is unmarried, takes care of her siblings’ young children while they do their farm work. She earns Bt30 a day growing vegetables in the backyard and receives an old-age allowance of Bt600 per month, which covers the electricity and water bills. Her welfare card’s Bt300 monthly credit pays for essential commodities.

“I’d like to thank Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha for implementing the welfare scheme for poor people,” Neng said. “I want the government to keep initiating good projects like this. And I thank the welfare department for this Bt1 million windfall.”

Kalasin Finance Office chief Sak Dahan said Neng was the third person to win the top prize in the lucky draw in the three months since the welfare scheme was introduced.

She will receive the tax-free prize money next week and, as a low-income earner, will remain entitled to welfare payments for the rest of this fiscal year, Sak said.

Anyone wishing to check if they’ve won prizes in this or previous draws should visit www.epayment.go.th/home/app/debit_about_project.

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