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First self-service store in Malaysia, paid by scanning smartphone

Dec 29. 2017
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By Sin Chew Daily
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SUBANG JAYA, Malaysia - Self-service convenience store is no longer a concept! Irispay E-Concept is the first self-service store in SS15 commercial area here.

The first self-service automated machine store is open for business in SS15, Subang Jaya. The store, which requires payment made via smartphone, attract curious onlookers to visit the store for a cashless shopping experience. One needs to download the app of Irishpay on handphone and complete the process of shopping via online transaction. 

This store uses e-payment system and automated machine without any staff. This has effectively reduced labour costs and the shop operates for 24 hours.

Sin Chew Daily reporter visited the self-service store and found no staff in the store. Many members of public who visit the store due to curiosity made e-payment according to instruction. No dialogue is involved and process of purchase can be completed in five minutes using smartphone to scan for payment.

Currently the convenience store is selling small items such as snacks, beverages, condoms and others. The goods are labelled with mini flags such as China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and others to reflect the country of origin.

Currently the store only accepts payment via Irish pay. One needs to download the app on smartphone, fill up personal details and then log in to the main page. By scanning QR code of the product, one can make payment and collect the goods. 

“To top value in the main page, the public is required to fill in the sum and then click on a connection linking to online transfer page of bank to complete the process.”

Xie Pei Qi, an auditor, brought her entire family to shop at the store and said she was attracted by the store. She completed transaction based on instruction pasted on the wall in less than five minutes. 

Xie said it was a great experience of shopping without cash. She still has some worries of encountering faulty machines at late night having no one to turn to for help. A hotline for assistance may help to ease the anxiety of customers.

Lu Ding Shun, a shop operator next to the e-store, said the store only opens for public recently. Members of the public are seen visiting the shop to take photographs.

Lu, 60, is unfamiliar with new technology. Unless he is accompanied by his children, Lu said he would still opt to buy in traditional shop.

Salesman Lu Zhi Ming, 33, said the concept of 24 hours service is great as he is used to shop online.Yu Guangtai, 29, from Shandong, China, visits the e-store for the first time. He has not visited such shop in China and said the idea is new to him. 

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