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Tourists rescued in Koh Samui after sending signal via phone

Jan 15. 2018
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By Thai Visa

Two tourists were rescued last night after getting lost in the hilly area around the Na Muang waterfall on the holiday island of Koh Samui.

The Spanish man and Brazilian woman, both 29, had earlier contacted their hotel to say they were lost. The hotel could tell their exact location after the tourists sent a location signal via their mobile phone.

But the tourists then said that their battery was about to die.

Police, locals and two rescue foundations swung into action traversing the dark and slippery paths.

On the way they found two British people and a Canadian who were also lost and glad of their assistance, reported Channel 7 TV news.

Soon calls into the gloaming were answered and the tourists who had phoned earlier were successfully rescued from the forest.

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