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Crystal says it’s No 1, plans marketing, social service campaigns

Feb 15. 2018
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Crystal, which last year became Thailand’s top-selling drinking water, with a 20-per-cent market share and 11-per-cent growth, will be extensively promoted further in 2018, its bottlers said in a press release this week.

A new thematic television campaign with the concept “When you order drinking water, choose Crystal” will reinforce the brand’s positioning as “the quality drinking water”, they said.

Crystal will also partner with Woody World on a Community Workout programme featuring presenters Nai Naphat, Dome Pakorn and Ice Apitsada, to encourage Thais to stay healthy by exercising. 

And Crystal will promote environmental conservation “as part of its sustainability initiatives”.

“With the successful and effective implementation of our strategy last year, Crystal finally became the leader in Thailand’s drinking water market,” Sermsuk Public Co president Lester Teck Chuan Tan announced.

“Compared to the market slowdown, which saw negative growth of 2 per cent, Crystal’s growth was the highest in the drinking water market, which is valued at Bt35 billion. This outstanding success is the result of the brand’s commitment to offering quality drinking water that is differentiated from other brands in the market. 

“Crystal has earned several accolades, including for a marketing campaign that won a MAT Award last year in the alcoholic- and non-alcoholic-beverage category and was named Most Selected Brand of 2017 and won a Brand Footprint Award in the Top Rising Beverage Brand category at the Kantar awards,” Tan said.

He said this year’s plans include a string of marketing and sales promotions highlighting product quality, a “Crystal Everywhere” distribution system covering the entire country, and operations and supporting activities for social and environmental sustainability.

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