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Thai soap opera inspires traditional dress for ID cards

Apr 09. 2018
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By Phuket Gazette

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“I want to be a part of those who preserve Thai culture,” one lady told us.

The Thai soap opera “BuppeSanNivas” (Love Destiny) is the hot ticket at the moment, inspiring Thais to get back to their historical roots and “Thainess”, even for official documents.

Some Thai ladies have even gone so far as to dress in traditional outfits to take pictures for their ID cards in Phuket.

At Phuket Municipality Office, local Ramayakorn Rattanawaleerametyakorn dressed in Thai traditional costume for her ID card. 

And she’ll be stuck with that photo for the lifetime of her new Thai ID card – five years – even when the popularity of the TV soap wears off.

“I love the charm of Thai traditional dress and now, ‘BuppeSanNivas’ is very popular and there are many people dressing in Thai traditional costume for their official ID photos, so I wanted to make one too. I want to be a part of those who preserve Thai culture,” she said.

Phuket Municipality Office says that it’s okay for people to dress in traditional Thai style to make a new ID card, either for a new card or in case of a card’s expiration, damage or loss.

However, some traditional costumes show bare shoulders or upper arms, and this is not acceptable, the office points out.

The office is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm each Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.

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