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Phuket airport addresses car damage

Apr 26. 2018
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By The Thaiger

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Phuket International Airport has commented on last weekend’s incident where two cars were scratched with a key or sharp object at the same spot in the fifth floor of the car park.

One of the owners also had a note warning that it was for VIP parking space left on his screen.

The space was hidden from CCTV cameras.

The airport authorities said: “The fifth-floor parking is managed by an outsource company. However, there’s no mention of VIP parking, except the concession space for renting cars which usually have a clearly signed area. The signs clearly mention the name of the concession company.

"The space where the two cars were scratched was designed to be the booth to receive parking cards and payments. When it was no longer a booth, AOT left the barrier there but allowed people to walk in and out. 

"This way is also the route to bring in fire extinguishers or emergency responders. The spot is hidden from the CCTV camera because there’s a money-collecting machine in front,” the airport said. 

“The security in the parking area is the responsibility of the outsource company that holds the concession.

The statement continued: “A similar incident happened on February 8 but it was on the third floor. For this case, the car wasn’t parked in the usual parking spots and was parked to allow other cars to leave and park. 

"There was another car parked nearby which hid the car from the CCTV camera. We are very sorry for the incident,” it added.


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