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AIA launches healthiest workplace survey

May 10. 2018
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AIA Thailand is marking its 80th anniversary by launching “Thailand’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality”, a science-backed workplace survey that aims to encourage organisations to be better aware of their employees’ health and wellbeing while helping them promote a healthier and more productive workplace.

This project is designed to reinforce AIA’s commitment to supporting better health and longer lives for all Thais.

“The Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality” project was initiated by AIA Group to survey employees’ health in organizations across Asia-Pacific. The aim is to better understand the health risks affecting company-wide productivity. Participating organizations will be provided with health promotion strategies to help improve their employees’ health and wellness. AIA has already implemented this project in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

“‘Thailand’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality’ project is another initiative that underlines our commitment to employee health and wellness. At AIA, we continuously promote health in the workplace by creating a healthier and more productive environment for our people through workout activities and the AIA Vitality programme,” Aekkaratt Thitimon, chief marketing officer of AIA Thailand, explained.

“We are also committed to helping other organisations across Thailand improve their workplace health.”

Dr Nipit Piravej, AIA Thailand’s director of healthcare concurred, adding: “AIA Thailand believes that investing in employees’ health and wellbeing enhances company-wide productivity and overall business performance because employees can work to their full potential. As a leading life and health insurance insurer, AIA recognises the importance of the business sector in supporting employees to stay well, as this does not only bring benefits at the corporate level, but also strengthens the nation in socio-economic terms.”

In designing the methodology of the health survey, the company studied Britain’s Healthiest Workplace by UK Vitality’s model for more than four years. 

“We also collaborated with Rand Europe, a non-profit research company that runs advanced and reliable data analysis and data processing and academic partners across the regions to validate the survey questionnaire, research and findings in each market. The participating organisations will receive an Organizational Health Report that provides them with an overview of their employees’ wellbeing and benchmarking information to help them develop strategies to improve their employees’ health profile as well as encourage them to live healthier and better lives. All participating employees will receive their own Personal Health Report to better understand their health risk profile and how they can manage these risks,” Dr Nipit explained.

AIA currently has more than 10,000 corporate customers including group insurance and provident fund,” said Chiraporn Kanistarath, AIA Thailand’s director of Corporate Solutions.

“We continuously organise health promotion activities for our corporate customers, for example, AIS, Air Asia and MBK and so on. Thailand’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality is another project that will support our customers in creating a healthier environment for their people.”

“The survey will provide employers with a comprehensive overview of their employees’ health and wellbeing in terms of lifestyle, clinical indicators, mental health, stress and other areas, which will in turn help them assess the correlation between health and productivity. 

“The Organisational Health Assessment will help employees to improve their productivity, reduce time spent off sick, raise their morale and be happier at work.

“The survey is open to any organisation and the participating organizations are eligible for Healthiest Workplace Awards in three categories. Namely: Healthiest Employer 2) Healthiest Employee and 3) Healthiest Workplace. The winners will be announced in November.”

Thailand’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality” project is free to enter for any organisation with a minimum of 20 employees. Registration will be open between May 20 and June 30, 2018 at After registering, employees must complete the survey by July 31.

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