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Life of a crawfish 'taster'

Jun 20. 2018
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By China Daily
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Qu Yunxiao earns 300,000 yuan($46,532.2) per year for tasting all kinds of crawfish in Qianjiang, Central China's Hubei province.

However, the "tasting" job is not as "tasty" as it looks. On average, Qu, who was offered the job after she finished her studies in the UK, has to eat one kilogram of crawfish each day and sometimes up to five kilograms.

Plus, she is supposed to measure the meat quality after having been trained to try tens of thousands of crawfish. In order to accurately tell the crawfish taste, she rinses her mouth with milk and mineral water before testing each batch of crawfish.

In addition, she checks each crawfish and whether they have been frozen under appropriate temperature and has to smell them too.

There are about 50 "tasters" in the company where Qu works and their highest salary could reach 600,000 yuan per year, but the company still struggles to find talented people as the work requires knowledge of cooking, quality control and supply chains.

For Qu, eating hundreds of crawfish a day is normal but she does not want to eat any crawfish after work.

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