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Animal welfare role play at Ban Konaka School with Soi Dog

Aug 27. 2018
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By The Thaiger

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The Soi Dog Foundation recently arranged a fun activity, “Animal Lover Family”, with the students, teachers and parents at Ban Konaka School.

The activity was the result of the project “Humans Love Animals; Animals Love Environment”.

A workshop was held two months ago with local schoolteacher representatives to give them knowledge about animal welfare and let them plan their own activities for their students back at their schools.

Ban Konaka School, on Naka Island, was the first school to arrange training and activities and the role play reflected the knowledge that the students had been taught in class, especially about the responsibility of having a pet, animal welfare and rabies.

The school director, Nam-Oy Chuchouy, along with the other teachers, operate the Ban Konaka School on an island remote from the Phuket mainland. 

The locals are Muslims, who love cats – there are more than 120 cats on the island, and many of them have been left at the school.

Even though they are well fed, none of them had been sterilised, making the cat population increase rapidly. 

As a result, Nam-Oy understands the importance of passing on the knowledge to students.

The activities were designed to fit with the age of the students. Students from kindergarten 1 to 3 learned about animal welfare through shared artworks named “My Pet”, while the Prathom 1-6 students took five weeks learning, practising and applying their knowledge to create their own role playing about caring for pets.

The knowledge is not only expected to be passed on to the students, but also to their families and the community, which should result in a better situation for stray animals and pets on the island.

Apart from the knowledge that Soi Dog brought to the school, the foundation also provided a team to sterilise and vaccinate the cats roaming around the school and the island. 

This support from Soi Dog helped show the students the ongoing CNVR (Capture, Nurture, Vaccinate and Release) project in action.

The Soi Dog Foundation will also help manage the feeding area for cats, in order to reduce the problem of leftover food around the school. 

Ongoing Soi Dog management will also encourage students to learn their responsibilities in having their own pets.


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