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Meet Kluay Hom, Krabi’s friendly boar

Aug 31. 2018
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By The Thaiger

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A one-year-old boar in Krabi has moved in with a Krabi family and been named after his favourite fruit, the banana.

The friendly boar lives in Lam Thap with 40-year-old Napapat Khaoluan and his family, weighing as much as the owner at 60kg.

Napapat said: “Kluay Hom is now one-year-old. He is a mix between wild boar and a Krabi species. Last year his mother gave birth to 14 babies but the mother’s milk was not enough for all them. So I took Kluay Hom home and now he is part of my family.

“I feed him bottled milk and fruit. He also likes to eat sticky rice with fried chicken and milk tea. He eats everything that we eat. And lots of bananas every day.

“He is a very special pig. He loves me and my family. When strangers come to the house, he chases them away. He also follows me everywhere. Every night he looks forward to his bath before going to bed. Kluay Nom is very smart – I think he can understand Thai.”


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