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Siam Kubota unveils two new implements for sugarcane farming

Nov 16. 2018
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Siam Kubota has unveiled two new tractor implements for sugarcane farming, the company announced in a press release issued on Friday.

The first is a sugarcane leaf remover, which facilitates manual sugarcane harvesting and reduces the need to burn sugarcane leaves, and the second is a sugarcane cut remover, which allows sugarcane farmers to finish harvesting in one go. The company said that these two implements will ensure that professional cane farmers have fresh sugarcane to deliver to sugar factories with higher incomes.

Somsak Mauthorn, Senior Executive Vice President of Siam Kubota, stated: “As a result of the government’s zoning policy that promotes the conversion of paddy fields in geographically unfavorable areas into plantations of economic crops, such as sugarcane, cassava, and maize. It has found that some farmers have turned to do sugarcane farming. 

“Today, there are sugarcane farms in 47 provinces, totaling over 11 million rai, about five of which is in the Northeast. As much as 60 per cent of these sugarcane farmers rely on manual labor for harvesting. 

“Many farm workers burn their sugarcane before cutting to make harvesting easier. However, this harvesting method leads to pollution creating as well as sweetness reducing the sugar. In addition, many areas confront labor shortages. Furthermore, the company has conducted research and developed products specifically for sugarcane harvesting to enhance productivity and quality as well as labor costs and time saving, to ultimately meet the demand of sugarcane farming today.”

The company has unveiled its two latest implements for sugarcane farming. The first is a sugarcane leaf remover (SLR110H), Tra Chang brand for 24-27 hp Kubota tractors, equipped with four sets of rollers that spin at over 900 rpm and enable the instrument to cleanly strip leaves from sugarcane stalks. 

The rollers have also been designed to rotate upwards to reduce damage to the plants. With an operational radius of 2.1 meters and a leaf stripping radius of 2.3 meters, the machine will help planting more accessible for farmers and facilitate harvesting. The implement is also equipped with a protector that prevents bits of sugarcane leaves from collecting inside the machine and can operate continuously for a maximum of 15 rai per day. 

The other implement is a sugarcane cut remover (SCR100), Tra Chang brand for the 95-hp Kubota tractor. The harvesting combines four systems that function all at once: the trimming system that cuts sugarcane tops at the height of 1.5-4 meters; the leaf stripping system with rollers that spin at over 900 rpm to yield cleanly-stripped cane stalk.The harvesting system that cuts flush with the ground; and the loading system that can carry a maximum 500 kg of sugarcane products and put freshly-cut sugarcane stalks into piles in preparation for loading onto trucks. 

Designed for sugarcane plantations with furrows spaced one meter apart and over to reduce limitations of accessibility, the machine can harvest 40-80 tons of sugarcane per day.

“For over 40 years, the company has never stopped researching and developing innovative agricultural machinery to meet the needs of professional sugarcane farmers and optimise the entire sugarcane farming process, from soil preparation, planting, maintaining, and transportation. We have demonstrated our capacity to be the generator of agricultural innovation for the future,” added Somsak.

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