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Ex-porn star is pregnant and Japanese web users divided over whether it’s a blessing or a curse

Dec 20. 2018
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Japan’s netizens have flocked to the defence former adult movie actress Sola Aoi who announced her pregnancy on social media, prompting some to accuse her of selfishness as the child will be bullied because of Aoi’s previous career.

Sola Aoi took to Instagram to reveal she will be having a baby in May with her husband, the DJ Non, but clearly felt obliged in her blog to fend off criticisms she has faced both before and after the announcement.

Aoi, who starred in her first adult movie at the age of 18 in 2002, has received messages saying what a pity it will be for her children to live with her past. One poster on her blog commented on her “poor children” while another sent her a message saying she should not have a baby as the poster’s own mother had worked in the sex industry and that had caused her to have an unhappy childhood.

Now 35, Aoi stated in a recent post to her blog: “If you think the children of AV [adult video] actresses will definitely be bullied in the future, then that is more of a reflection of your core values.

“Of course it’s better not to do AV, but if you do AV it does not mean that you are unhappy,” she wrote. “My desire to have a child is the same as anyone else’s. Good relationships between parents and a child are not necessarily based on a parent’s profession. They are based on the child’s environment.”

My desire to have a child is the same as anyone else’s

Reiterating that her family had always supported her decisions, Aoi added that her parents were happy when she told them she was getting married and she is looking forward to giving them a grandchild.

Most of the commenters appeared to support Aoi’s actions. On the SoraNews24 site, one poster wrote: “Good on her – and if the kid gets bullied, well it just goes to show you how the parents of those kids are.”

John Tan wrote: “Bravo. Those making a big deal out of her being in AV should re-evaluate their own lives. She is not harming anyone, which is a great deal better than all those fraudsters, murderers, rapists and robbers out there.”

On the Japan Today forum, one poster wrote: “AV actress, religious virgin – we’re all human beings, all with the same rights. People who think they have grounds to criticise someone else for wanting to be a parent are the ones deserving of criticism.”

That sentiment was echoed in the message: “Good for her! Glad to see she doesn’t let the opinions of others guide her.” Another added, “Can you imagine how better life was before hatred saturated the internet? Good on her and she’s a far better human being than her detractors. Wishing her the very best.”

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