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Prestigious school stands firm on casual clothes experiment

Jan 15. 2019
File photo : Bangkok Christian College students on January 8.
File photo : Bangkok Christian College students on January 8.
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Bangkok Christian College students again wore jeans and T-shirts to classes on Tuesday as the country’s first private boys school persisted in allowing casual clothing once a week.

As the pupils went into the school most said they and their parents were happy with the initiative.

Wearing casual clothes to school, one of them said, didn’t affect their performance at school. “School performance has nothing to do with our clothes,” he said.

Last week the private school made headlines after it announced that for a semester it would allow middle and high school students to sport casual jeans and t-shirt to school every Tuesday. The move aimed to test if the no-uniform rules affected students’ academic performance.

However, not everyone was happy with the school progressive trial – the Office of the Private Education Commission voiced its concern and asked the school board it reconsider its move. 

It feared the lack of uniforms would affect orderliness, disciplines, and may make parents spend more on expensive clothes.

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