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AIA Thailand launches new health campaign

Feb 09. 2019
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AIA Thailand has launched a new commercial campaign named ‘Healthy Is Calling’ which features actor Prin Suparat as its ambassador.

 Tan Hak Leh, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Thailand, said: “AIA Vitality programme was first launched in Thailand in 2016. It aims to promote a better understanding of health care and provide incentives that benefit and encourage members to achieve sustainable behavioural change and attain their health goals. 

“AIA Vitality members will gain access to tools and health care information, and benefit from premium discounts on selected insurance products as well as receive benefits from AIA Vitality partners, depending on their AIA Vitality points and status, which include a wide range of products and services promoting good health from discounts on health screenings, gym and yoga memberships, sportswear, healthy food, movie tickets, and flights.

“The AIA Vitality programme has been running continuously for more than two years. Today, we have more than 250,000 AIA Vitality members in Thailand. This year, we have adjusted the AIA Vitality programme to fit with health lovers’ needs which includes insurance plan changed to be easier for customers to join and enjoy more benefits from AIA Vitality partners. The participating insurance plans include:

1. AIA’s life protection package, including AIA Life Protector 70 and AIA Life Protector 80, and

2. AIA’s selected life protection package + any insurance riders participating in AIA Vitality programme

“We hope that these changes will help increasing more AIA Vitality members continuously along with assisting our members to live healthier.”

Aekkaratt Thitimon, Chief Marketing Officer, AIA Thailand, said: “To drive for behavioral change and to encourage Thai people to live healthier sustainably in today’s fast-changing environment and lifestyle, we recently launched a new AIA Vitality commercial campaign in the name of “Healthy Is Calling” which we have Mark Prin, AIA Vitality Ambassador representing a health lover who takes good charge of his health and exercises frequently. 

“This concept aims to reflect that a good health care is a part of everyday life, however, with all daily responsibilities, working out and health caring are neglected by many people. AIA Vitality programme then will provide incentives with various benefits and discounts to encourage members to regularly take good health care and achieve their sustainable health goals.

“This commercial campaign has already debuted through television and online channels such as YouTube, Facebook official page and Line official account of AIA Thailand including other online medias today. 

“In the future, we will also publish many video clips to provide information about AIA Vitality programme to engage our members about AIA Vitality points, AIA Vitality application and benefits for members of AIA Vitality. In addition to extensive online campaign, out of home and printed medias have also been used to promote the campaign since the beginning of 2019.”

The ‘Healthy Is Calling’ commercial campaign can be followed through various channels such as television, website, AIA Thailand official Facebook page and AIA Thailand YouTube channel as well as other online media, or scan QR code to watch and follow the commercial and other activities of AIA Thailand which assist you to have Healthier, Longer, Better Lives via AIA official Facebook page.

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