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‘Election a key to change Thai image abroad’

Mar 24. 2019
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By Phuwit Limviphuwat
The Nation

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Thachana Thanakitcharu , a 24-year-old jazz musician, says Thailand’s international reputation hangs in the balance with this election.

“Even from the perspective of someone disinterested in politics, this election means a lot to me,” he said.

Thachana said Thais must change the way they view politics.

“It is obvious to me and probably most people that this country needs changes both in government and the people themselves, the latter being harder to change, of course,” he said.

“Having spent a significant part of my life abroad, in more than one country, I can see the lack of development in Thailand, not only in terms of technology or economy, but more to do with the general education and Thai people’s tendency to strictly follow traditions or trends without any thinking. This is dangerous when it comes to elections,” he explained.

Thachana said he is tired of seeing military coups occurring again and again. As a country full of intelligent and capable people who can make some real changes, it puzzles him that the political situation has barely improved in the past decade.

“Growing up abroad, I have become tired of being asked about coups and street protests,” he said. “If a good choice is made in this election then the country’s image abroad would improve.”

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