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Shiseido and Watson Group unveil derma skin care range

Apr 11. 2019
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By The Nation

Cosmetics company Shiseido Group and A.S. Watson Group (ASW), the international health and beauty retailer, have released an exclusive Urban Damage Care skin care program.

The company said in a press release on Thursday that the range has been successfully launched in Thailand and Taiwan and it is planning to expand to other Watsons Asian markets in the near future.

The company said its derma skincare category in Asia is experiencing 24 per cent compound sales growth since 2014. As more women are looking for effective derma skincare products, the online search for related topics grew significantly by 117 per cent compared to last year. 

Urban Damage Care is developed with the mission to deliver a skincare solution to protect women with sensitive skin from the harmful environment and pollution.

Masahiko Uotani, Representative Director, President and CEO of Shiseido Group, said: “A.S. Watson is the largest health and beauty retailer in the world that acts with speed, innovation and vision making them the perfect retailer to bring Urban Damage Care to the high street. 

“With A.S. Watson’s extensive distribution network and customer insight of the derma cosmetics category and Shiseido’s expertise in R&D and innovation, this has enabled us to co-create a range that supports our core values of putting the customers’ needs first while ensuring that it is accessible to customers.”

Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson Group, said: “The project concept came across during a visit that I made to Shiseido headquarter in Tokyo 18 months ago. We shared and exchanged customer insights about the increasing consumer demand for more sophisticated skin care solutions in Asia. Immediately we decided to work together on this common mission to produce exclusive range for Watsons customers.

“The project then kicked off with customer survey on a selected panel of Watsons members, combined with Shiseido’s 40 years of sensitive skin research and product development technology, we collaborated to develop the range that we believe will be best suitable for modern Asian females to improve their skin to defend against urban pollution.”

Made in Japan with global research at the heart, the program offers a range of products including makeup remover, facial cleanser, lotion, emulsion, essence and cream, which are targeted towards a variety of age groups and skin types. 

All products are dermatologically tested and are designed to relieve irritation from sensitive skin. Customers receive recommendation from specially trained beauty advisors to choose the right products for the desired condition of their skin.

Last year, toxic smog blanketed Bangkok and caused high levels of air pollution which is one of the biggest threats to skin. Therefore, when the range offering the perfect solution to relieve customers from the harmful skin effects launched in Thailand in June 2018, it was sold out immediately. Following the positive feedbacks from the customers, d program will be launched in China on 11 April.

Derma skincare products are formulated to restore skin health, combining dermatology and skincare technology, and most derma skin brands available in Asia come from France and US. 

Inspired by the trend of increasing number of Japanese brands developing high quality skin care products, A.S. Watson Group identifies the opportunity to serve customers and co-create with leading Japanese beauty expert Shiseido Group to introduce d program Urban Damage Care in Asia markets.

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