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Bloomberg wants to hear your ‘solutions’

Jun 25. 2019
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Bloomberg New Economy is calling for entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics and practitioners around the world to share their innovative solutions for a world in which the balance of economic power is continuing to shift from the West to fast-growing economies in Asia, Africa and emerging countries around the globe.

With the rise of new markets, new industries, new technologies and new models of employment and civic participation, businesses and societies face a daunting new set of challenges. 

Yet around the world, innovative approaches to some of these challenges are already beginning to emerge and are being tested in big ways and small. 

Bloomberg’s New Economy Solutions initiative is founded on the belief that promising, lasting solutions to our biggest societal problems are already out there. We just have to pay attention to them, grow them, share them and turn them into the new normal.

Which emerging technologies can be used to mitigate climate change, or to increase transparency in supply chains? What innovative processes should be applied to rapid urbanisation, or to support workers threatened with job displacement as a result of AI? 

“We launched Bloomberg New Economy Solutions in 2018 to identify and address critical challenges facing the global economy by fostering collaboration between public and private sector leaders,” said Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media. 

“In 2019 we are expanding on that idea by finding solutions that are already working, and providing them with the momentum, the support, and the attention that they deserve. The New Economy community includes some of the most influential leaders in the world. They’ll apply their expertise, their perspective, their mentorship, and their business acumen to help scale and implement these solutions, to build an inclusive economy.”

Up to seven solutions will be chosen from the open call, aligned to each of Bloomberg New Economy’s core topic areas – trade, technology, climate, finance and capital markets, inclusion, urbanization and global governance. 

One representative from each selected solution will be invited to join nearly 500 of the world’s most influential business executives, technology innovators, government officials, experts, and academics from over 60 countries and regions at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Beijing on November 20-22.

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