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Chevrolet recalls Spin

Jul 03. 2014
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By The Nation

Chevrolet has announced that it will recall the 2014 Chevrolet Spin in Thailand due to faulty fuel tank and fuse box components.
According to Chevrolet Sales (Thailand), the recall concerns the following components: a potentially faulty fuel tank ventilation nipple in an estimated 2,221 Spins, which will require a fuel tank change; and a potentially faulty seal on a fuse box in an estimated 1,976 Spins, which can be resolved by replacing the foam strip. 
No safety incidents have been reported in relation to these issues. 
“We will be contacting customers, who can count on the support of their nearest Chevrolet dealer to have [the faulty] parts replaced,” said Marcos A Purty, managing director, GM Thailand and Chevrolet Sales Thailand. “Customer satisfaction is the top priority for Chevrolet in Thailand.” 
Chevrolet will replace the parts free of charge at any of its dealership service centres. The process will take about two hours. If customers have any questions or concerns, they can contact the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Centre via telephone number 1734. The Thai recall announcement follows a huge 8.5-million-vehicle recall in the United States on June 30 for faulty ignition switches. During the first half of this year, GM recalled as many as 29 million vehicles – about as many vehicles as it sold during the past eight years. 

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