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Epson counts on three main products to boost revenue

Mar 14. 2016
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EPSON EXPECTS three main products to drive revenue up 10 per cent in fiscal 2016 from both the overseas and domestic markets.
Yanyong Muneemongkolton general manager of Epson (Thailand), said yesterday that in the fiscal year starting next month, revenue growth Ffrom the international market alone, including Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, is expected to be 15 per cent and from the Thai market about 8 per cent. 
Revenue will come 79 per cent from the domestic market and 21 per cent from the international market. 
The three main products are inkjet printers, textile and signage printers, and projectors. 
The firm will provide new products with low running costs, high performance and mobility. 
It will also come out with a variety of products such as high-performance printers, mobile projectors and laser projectors. 
It will work on increasing customer satisfaction by providing products with low running costs to help customers reduce expenses, increasing their efficiency, expanding their business and finding lightweight and portable devices.
More L-Series models will be launched to respond more comprehensively to the various needs of customers. 
Epson projectors’ brightness |will range from 6,000-25,000 lumens. 
The inkjet-printer business expects to gain 15 per cent in sales, textile and signage printers 15 per cent and the projector business 8 per cent this year. 
The firm will expand its business base in the provincial market. Distributors will be boosted from 166 now to 180 before year-end. 
Specialised distributors will |be developed to handle each customer group, including the government-agency group, the textile-industry group and the professional group, namely hospitals and |clinics. 
This approach will be applied to emerging Indochinese markets under Epson Thailand’s supervision.
In fiscal 2015, revenue growth from the Thai market was 6 per cent and from the international market 16 per cent. The Thai market contributed 81 per cent of revenue and the international market 19 per cent. The highest revenue gain was in Vietnam. 
“On 2015 operating results, we believe our recognised revenue from the sales of all product categories across all markets under Epson Thailand’s supervision must have increased by 8 per cent,” Yanyong said. 
“In overseas markets, namely Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Pakistan, the growth rate should be as high as 16 per cent.” 
The firm in fiscal 2015 achieved the highest growth rate of 15 per cent in inkjet-printer sales. It also gained the No 1 share for inkjet printers in Thailand with 41 per cent.
The main market targets are SOHO (small office and home office) and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). 
The firm in fiscal 2015 saw |revenue growth from its TM-series printers of 16 per cent, followed |by projectors at 3 per cent and |commercial and industrial printers at 1 per cent.

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