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52% of Internet users spend 5 hours online at home daily, survey finds

Dec 09. 2016
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A NEW SURVEY conducted by Linksys shows that 52 per cent of Internet users in Thailand spend up to five hours online each day at home.

Conducted on 500 people aged between 18 and 45, the survey learned that more than half of the respondents logged on at home to check their emails as well as to share and upload photos and video clips via social media platforms such as Facebook, LINE and Instagram. 

About 40 per cent said they enjoyed watching YouTube and live-streamed content on Wi-Fi at home, while only 10 per cent said they used their home Internet for e-learning. 

These findings are in line with the Electronic Transactions Develop-ment Agency (ETDA)’s 2016 survey on Internet users’ behaviour, which shows that the three most popular activities among mobile Net users are chatting via social media, watching YouTube and reading e-books respectively. 

The above figures reflect a demand for reliable and powerful Wi-Fi routers that will connect to several devices at home. While the performance of such equipment is affected by Internet speed, 45 per cent of the respondents said their home Internet speed ranges between 10 and 15Mbps, 35 per cent enjoy a speed over 20Mbps, while 20 per cent have a speed of 15 to 20Mbps at home. 

As for the number of connected devices, 35 per cent said there are more than 10 devices at home that need Internet access, mainly smart phones, tablets, computers, smart watches, smart TVs, Wi-Fi printers, game consoles, IP cameras and door locks. This number is expected to increase in the near future, though only 11 per cent said they only had one or two connected devices at home. 

The top five factors that influence respondents’ decisions to change their router are:

l Slow and unstable connection: 25 per cent 

l Need for a router that can accommodate several connected devices: 20 per cent

l Problems with Internet coverage: 18 per cent

l Unauthorised access: 16 per cent

l Incompatibility between router and devices: 12 per cent

The survey also identified three crucial factors in the respondents’ purchase decisions. For 25 per cent of the respondents, price and warranty was the most important factor, for 23 per cent it was convenience and ease in installation, while 22 per cent focused more on brand and reliability. Some 20 per cent of the respondents said they looked for special features in routers, while only 10 per cent said they preferred design. 

Of the respondents, 79 per cent said they were looking for a new router priced between Bt3,500 and Bt5,000, while up to 85 per cent said they will purchase a Range Extender to boost Internet coverage at home. 

Kawin Issarachaipisit, sales manager of Linksys (Thailand), said: “This survey provides information on home Internet users’ behaviour and underlines the importance of home Internet. Though people spend between eight and 10 hours outside their home and between six to eight hours on mobile Internet, more than half of the respondents said they spend an average of five hours online at home daily. 

“Regardless of how much time they spend online, people still need a smooth and efficient Internet connection. It is clear that the Thai consumer is discerning, with the majority of them demanding a brand that gives them reliability and is easy to set up. They don’t want the cheapest product in the market, but are willing to invest in a brand that promises them quality, good value, and security that gives them peace of mind. 


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