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Dairy producer Nongpho Ratchaburi targets 30% sales jump

NONGPHO RATCHABURI Dairy Cooperative, producer and marketer of Nongpho dairy products, plans to grow its sales by 30 per cent this year to Bt3.9 billion.

Chairman Thanapol Vongvatasit said Nongpho was confident that revenues would increase significantly from the Bt3 billion posted last year, derived mainly from commercial sales of UHT (ultra-high temperature processed) products and school milk programmes. 
"We also plan to distribute pasteurised-milk pouches further in the modern trade format, which has been well received by consumers," he said.
"Nongpho's key strength is product quality, where our dairy farmers are able to produce up to 200 tonnes of raw milk daily from 50,000 cows, and in our confidence in the production of 100-per-cent-fresh dairy milk from the farm. 
"With modern production processes and surplus production capacity, we will be able expand our market under the strategy of 'adding on to what's missing' via higher utilisation of our distribution channels and marketing communications."
Thanapol said the company would be able to distribute its products over the whole country through dealings with regular shops, convenience stores, superstores and supermarkets and through online channels, in addition to increasing provincial and district distributors to represent Nongpho. 
The company has set aside Bt100 million for marketing communications via public relations and advertising in television, print and digital media in order to increase brand awareness and to attract younger customers to choose Nongpho products. 
On the occasion of the company's 45th year in operation, Nongpho Ratchaburi Dairy Cooperative (Under Royal Patronage) has a campaign to donate earnings towards the Heart Foundation of Thailand under Royal Patronage. 
From today until September 30, for every 225-millilitre and 180ml unit of Nongpho's UHT milk sold, 45 satang of the proceeds will go to the heart foundation, with the total contribution expected to be at least Bt3 million. 
"Nongpho sees the importance of a healthy heart, with heart disease killing on average 50,000 Thais every year," Thanapol said. "We hope that the ... campaign will act as another channel for increasing awareness of heart disease, and for simply being a good act between Nongpho and its customers, who have been hugely supportive of our ongoing initiatives."

Published : April 07, 2017

By : The Nation