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Blackberry alliance with DataOne Asia sees potential in Thailand 4.0

Jun 21. 2017
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BlackBerry has allied with DataOne Asia to open a mobility enterprise market following Thailand’s 4.0 policy

BlackBerry revealed that digital trends in the Asia Pacific are becoming bigger and accelerating the growth of the IT market. 

BlackBerry (Singapore) has announced its business partnership with DataOne Asia (Thailand), a distributor of network and security equipment, to open a new market for Enterprise Mobile Management Solution. It is expected that in three years, enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region are likely to fully adopt digital transformation. Following the Thailand 4.0 policy to create a digital economy, BlackBerry sees a potentially increase in Mobility Enterprises. Current businesses will need to use advanced software to integrate their production, services, and solutions to meet their clients’ needs and adjust their work procedures to be more efficient and convenient. This will maximise their competitiveness in the market. 

BlackBerry has over 10 years of experience working in the smartphone security field, collaborating with more than 100 leading international companies to offer Mobility Enterprise and Security services. 

BlackBerry’s solution called Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) will handle mobile devices in compliance with the business’ policies and infrastructure in response to the digital economy. UEM ensures its number 1 security with Gartner’s analysis reports. Users can rest assured that their portable devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other equipment will be promptly compatible with the organisation’s businesses with guaranteed security without affecting their personal use. 

Poonsuk Wattanayingcharoenchai, DataOne Asia (Thailand)’s executive director, reported that the partnership between DataOne and BlackBerry is based on BlackBerry’s vision of the potential of Thailand’s enterprise clients. The partnership is to open a new market for mobility enterprise solutions to manage a variety of connecting devices with world-class data security. DataOne’s target clients will be commercial banks, insurance, and government sectors, which need a higher level of data security.

BlackBerry’s UEM Solution supports multi-platform mobile device management, such as Android, iOS, Windows 10, MacOS, and BlackBerry. Users can automatically register into the system by themselves via basic instruments like email, Wi-Fi, and VPN. Application installation and usage, Jailbreak/Root protection, missing device locating, and deleting data on missing devices can be controlled by the administrator with on-premise or cloud administration, which is compatible with different systems used in each organisation. 

“Since the government announced its Thailand 4.0 policy last year, both government and public sectors have been planning to adopt new technology and innovations to support and add value to their businesses. Cloud technology and IoT [Internet of Things] have been used to improve businesses. Big Data Analytics have been used to create new features to an organisation’s products and services. Big Data collected is used to design more mobile and flexible work procedures. The most important thing to improve an organisation’s potential and competitiveness in this era is the Internet and digital technology. This even emphasises the importance of data security, which cannot be overlooked,” added Poonsuk.

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