Monday, July 26, 2021


BLA joins hands with BBL

Bangkok Life Assurance PCL (BLA) was informed by its bancassurance ally, Bangkok Bank PCL (BBL), regarding the new partnership arrangement with the other life insurance operator.



BBL still agrees to offer the majority of BLA’s life insurance products currently distributed via the bank’s network, which is slightly over 90% of BLA’s new business premium sold via bancassurance during 2016, to the customers through its branch network across the country, including certain credit life and endowment products

Siri Ganjarerndee, Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors at Bangkok Life PCL said “the new partnership arrangement of the bank will enhance more holistic and comprehensive range of life insurance products to its customers and offer BBL more leverage to develop bancassurance expertise and competitive edge which will encourage mutual benefits among
BBL and its allies for future business expansion.”

In addition, the move complies well with the regulator’s policy to enhance open platform for bancassurance business.

As a leading life insurance company with more than 66 years of experience operating in Thailand, BLA has all the required capabilities to provide full range of international standard of services and operating system, accredited by ISO 9001, ISO 27001, as well as ISO 22301 for all of its 69 branches countrywide, including its head office in

With the commitment to excellence and consistent standard level of services, BLA had been selected by the office of insurance commission in 2016 to receive the Prime Minister’s Award as the first ranking best-managed life insurance companies in
Along the company long path of success, BLA has successfully worked closely with BBL in developing the sales platform, training bank personnel, and providing after sales service for its customers BLA’s intention to serve the policyholders with honesty and
sincerely were recognized and awarded by the Office of the Consumer Protection Board as well as the Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) in 2014 and 2015.
BLA is highly committed to develop fair and competitive life insurance products and will continue to strive to improve our already recognized services to support BBL and its customers. At present, BLA still works in collaboration with BBL on a few ongoing
projects to offer even better experience to the bank and its customers to address the needs required by long-term business expansion.

Published : October 18, 2017