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CP’s sustainable sourcing policies to also cover its business partners

Oct 22. 2017
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By The Nation

CP VIETNAM CORPORATION is extending its sustainable sourcing policy and guidelines to cover all business partners, hoping the collaboration will enhance their potential and competitiveness and underpin their responsibility to society and environment under the goal towards sustainable growth. 

Montri Suwanposri, president of CP Vietnam Corporation, said that the extension is a significant mission, as the company’s operations involve a large number of partners throughout the supply chain which are directly linked with food quality and safety and connected with the company in social and environmental dimensions. 

The policy will be first applied with 67 critical suppliers in three groups that supply main agricultural raw materials, seasoning items and packaging items. It is aimed at boosting the suppliers’ efficiency, which will lead them towards longterm business growth and sustainability. CP Vietnam aims to audit all its business partners’ practices by 2020. 

The sustainable sourcing policy covers four critical business aspects: 

- Product and Service focusing on “quality and safety throughout the supply chain” to deliver safe products to consumers;

- People, or fair treatment and human rights protection;

- Processes that realise the value of natural resources and environment – the foundation of the agribusiness and food industry; and

- Performance that upholds good governance practices, appropriate risk management and compliance with related regulations and laws. 

“Vietnam shows high business growth potential. Thus, responsible operations underpinning mutual and sustainable growth is crucial to sustainably drive a business,” Montri said.

“The company realises that “business partners” are part of the solid and sustainable success chain, to deliver products and services rich in nutrition values, taste and safety on top of traceability.

“Together, we are demonstrating our responsibility to society and the environment throughout the operating system of the company and our business partners.”

Montri stressed that the sustainable sourcing policy and guidelines for business partners were intended to help the company and business partฌners’ operations comply with related laws and regulations. 

This will not only enhance all parฌties’ potential and competitiveness but also allow all to grow together and collaborate in improving society, community and environment in the long run, he said. 

Ma Huu Tri, a fishmeal supplier, said that CP Vietnam had extended good support to its business partners in complying with sustainable sourcing guidelines, to help them achieve international sustainability certifications, including certification from the International Fishmeal and Fishoil Organisation (IFFO) Responsible Supply group. To win the certification, fishmeal producers must prove their responsible and safe raw material sourcing practices and traceability. At present, only three fishmeal producers in Vietnam are certified by IFFO, allowing them to supply their products to CP Vietnam as well as other leading companies and to export fishmeal to other countries in the region. 

Nguyen Tuan Nam, the exportimport manager of Khai Anh Co, said that his company supplies various raw materials to CP Vietnam including tapioca, corn and rice bran, amounting to 150,000 tonnes. In return, CP Vietnam has supported its partners’ drive to win sustainability certifications.

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