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IsAmAre Dot Net aims for top in viral marketing

Dec 22. 2017
Chakkapan Puangkaew, managing director of IsAmAre Dot Net Co., Ltd. (IsAmAre)
Chakkapan Puangkaew, managing director of IsAmAre Dot Net Co., Ltd. (IsAmAre)
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ISAMARE Dot Net Co Ltd aims to become Thailand’s leading company for viral marketing campaigns on social media. The company’s operating results for 2017 have grown by 197 per cent to Bt100 million.

Chakkapan Puangkaew, managing director of IsAmAre Dot Net Co., Ltd. (IsAmAre), said: “Under the concept Viral Solution, we are continuously developing our services with Cleverse, our technology partner, resulting in Blastmetric, the first tool to support viral marketing and social media in Thailand. 

“This tool creates business advantages, is measurable and viral satisfaction guaranteed. It has received perfect feedback from leading companies.” 

“The Blastmetric programme has been developed and tested for more than a year and guarantees that each viral campaign can be successful as it helps the campaign in three stages: Influencer Media Planning; Campaign Monitoring and Optimisation; and Real-time Reporting. This system is measurable, reduces risks, increases effectiveness and creates customer satisfaction.”

Chakkapan said the company’s key target are the customers who would like to do viral marketing, including those who would like to get best return of investment as well as agencies creating TVC, viral videos, webs, and films that would like to put in social media, as well as SMEs with marketing budgets of Bt3-15 million. “Our strength is that we are the only company in Thailand that has announced it has become a Viral Guarantee Company. We also partner with influencer companies to strengthen our services,” Chakkapan said.

“Within the next two to three years, digital agencies will have less above-the-line works with increasing online works. Viral marketing will become new-generation TVC. E-Commerce will grow rapidly and micro influencers will have major roles and grow together. There will be a big adjustment of agencies’ services and staffs.

“The company has opened for two years with good operating results with Bt34 million revenue for the first year. This year, the company will grow 197 per cent to Bt100 million. By 2019, the company will be the No. 1 viral solution company with the concept viral guarantee as our strength” said Chakkapan, adding that its works include Tomei pimple gel by TC Pharma with 30 million views, NZen Gel with 13 million views, Kindness Cream with 10 million views and Chang Suek music video by Tao Kae Noi which created for Thailand’s national football team.


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