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Tesco links up with AIS to better serve the needs of 4.0 era customers

Tesco Lotus, a major leading retailer, has joined forces with AIS, the country’s number one mobile service provider, in a strategic partnership to serve 4.0 era customers better in all four aspects, namely: products, experience, convenience, and value.

More than 15 million Tesco Lotus customers and 40 million AIS subscribers stand to benefit from this partnership, with infinite privileges and value. 
Mark Roughley, customer director of Tesco Lotus, said: “Tesco Lotus is committed to serving our customers a little better every day. We strongly believe that through strategic partnerships with other industry leaders who are experts in their fields, we will be able to serve our customers’ needs better and faster. The partnership between Tesco Lotus and AIS will allow both companies to cater to all four needs of digital era customers. For products, we will be able to offer the latest handsets and accessories. For experience, customers will receive expert advice from dedicated staff. 
For convenience, customers will be able to buy products and services under one roof. For value, customers will gain additional privileges from what they spend on products and services.”
Prattana Leelapanag, chief consumer business officer at AIS, said: “Today marks an important milestone of the cross-industry partnership between AIS and Tesco Lotus. AIS as the number one telecommunications company in Thailand plans to combine its telecommunications expertise to Tesco Lotus, the country’s leading retailer, whose expertise lies in a great understanding of customer shopping behaviours and nationwide reach. 
The strategic partnership will allow both AIS and Tesco Lotus to offer an even better shopping experience, with a better range of products and services to serve digital era customers. 
This partnership is a great opportunity for AIS to enhance services offered to its current customers and expand its products and services to customers who visit digital zones in more than 190 Tesco Lotus hypermarkets nationwide.” 
The strategic partnership between Tesco Lotus and AIS is made up of two key components:
AIS will operate the Digital Zones at all 190 plus Tesco Lotus hypermarkets nationwide. The Digital Zones will offer Tesco Lotus customers an opportunity to try out and purchase the latest handsets and accessories from the world’s leading brands. They can also benefit from a wide range of services from AIS, such as purchasing SIM cards, post-paid plans, AIS Fibre net subscription, and many other packages. 
Privileges for Clubcard Members and AIS post-paid Customers:
Customers activating a new number, transferring from other service providers using the same number, switching from pre-paid packages to post-paid packages, and post-paid customers, can get 48 GB of internet (2 GB per month for 2 years) and unlimited access to Line and Facebook for two years by redeeming 1,000 Clubcard points or paying Bt100, and get double Clubcard points when paying AIS monthly bill.
Get a chance to buy iPhone 5S at a special price for only Bt2,900. This privilege is available only for customers activating a new number or switching from pre-paid packages to post-paid packages who sign up for AIS Hot Deal Package worth Bt499 or above. 
Get a discount for AIS 4G Share Non-Stop family package with shared internet and call for up to Bt4,800 when activating a new number, transferring from other service providers using the same number, or switching from pre-paid packages to post-paid packages. 
Interested customers can apply to receive the above privileges from now until June 30th, 2018. For more information, contact AIS call centre 1175 or Tesco Lotus call centre 1712. 
“The strategic partnership announced today marks the first step of several important steps to come in the future. The synergy between Tesco Lotus and AIS will allow both companies to serve our customers better. Clubcard – the largest loyalty programme in Thai retail – offers value for money to more than 15 million Tesco Lotus customers through the form of privileges such as discounts on a variety of products and services. We hope that the partnership with AIS will also extend the same privileges to AIS customers simply by joining the Clubcard family,” Roughley added. 

Published : May 04, 2018