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Magazine, newspaper ad revenues take a beating

Oct 15. 2018
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TOTAL ADVERTISING expenditure in local media in September dropped 2.39 per cent year on year to Bt8.67 billion, with magazines and newspapers showing the biggest decline in ad spending, according to a survey by Nielsen (Thailand).

Among other media, magazines saw the highest decline in ad spending in September this year, down 33.13 per cent year on year to about Bt111 million. 

Ad spending in newspapers also dropped significantly by 19.09 per cent to about Bt500 million. Cable and satellite televisions also posted a year-on-year drop in ad spending by 16.45 per cent, declining to Bt193 million. 

Ad spending on televisions declined by 0.30 per cent to Bt5.65 billion and ad spending on radio dropped by 5.85 per cent to about Bt402 million.

Ad expenditure on transit media dropped 4.14 per cent year on year to Bt486 million, but was up by 1.19 per cent to Bt83 million for in-store media. 

Meanwhile, ad spending on the Internet saw the highest growth year on year in September at 9.02 per cent, rising to Bt133 million. Ad expenditure on cinema grew 6.77 per cent year on year to Bt505 million, and was up by 3.80 per cent to Bt601 million for outdoor media.

Total ad expenditure in the first nine months of this year dropped by 0.67 per cent compared to the same period of last year, to about Bt78.34 billion, according to the survey. 

Magazines and newspapers are the worst-hit media, with ad spending year-on-year down by 35.37 per cent and 22.71 per cent respectively in the first nine months of this year. 

Ad spending on cable and satellite televisions also dropped significantly by 21.03 per cent year on year in the first nine months of this year. Also, ad spending on transit media declined by 2.34 per cent.

Outdoor media, however, bucked the trend, enjoying the highest increase in ad spending, by 7.96 per cent year on year in the first nine months of this year, followed by cinema, which saw ad spending increase by 6.40 per cent.

 Ad spending on in-store media increased by 5.28 per cent, while it rose 2.84 per cent on the Internet. Ad spending on televisions also increased by 2.18 per cent and increased by 1.97 per cent on radio.


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