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Magazines, newspapers lose out despite 84 per cent rise in October ad spending

Nov 12. 2018
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TOTAL media-advertising expenditure increased 84.49 per cent year on year in October this year to Bt9.19 billion, Nielsen reports.

Magazines and newspapers are only two media categories posting a decline in ad spending during the month. 

Advertising spending on magazines dropped dramatically by 35.95 per cent year on year to Bt98 million in October, while advertising spending on newspapers declined 7.34 per cent to about Bt530 million.

In-store media enjoys the highest growth of 265.22 per cent year on year to about Bt84 million in October this year, following by television, which posted a strong growth of 146.4 per cent to about Bt5.92 billion. Radio chalked up a high growth of 95.98 per cent to Bt439 million while Internet gained 87.06 per cent to about Bt159 million.

Transit media showed rise of 53.45 per cent year on year to about Bt534 million in October, followed by cable and satellite television, which posted a 31.14 per cent increase to Bt219 million in October. Outdoor media posted a 22.81 per cent climb to Bt603 million in October, followed by cinema, which posted the lowest growth of 17.21 per cent to about Bt606 million.

Total advertising spending in the first 10 months of this year however increased only 4.41 per cent year on year to about Bt87.55 billion.

Magazine showed the highest decline of 34.88 per cent year to date to about Bt1.07 billion, followed by newspapers’ drop of 21.32 per cent to Bt5.03 billion while cable/ satellite television, saw a decline of 17.54 per cent to about Bt2.05 billion.

In-store media enjoyed the highest growth of 13.14 per cent in the first 10 months of this year to about Bt861 million, followed by outdoor media, which posted growth of 9.34 per cent to about Bt5.69 billion.

Television posted growth of 8.86 per cent to about Bt56.55 billion in the first 10 months. Internet grew 8.58 per cent to about Bt1.35 billion, followed by radio’s growth of 7.82 per cent to Bt3.91 billion.

Cinemas posted an increase of 7.41 per cent in advertisng revenue to Bt6.04 billion in the first 10 months, while transit media had the lowest growth of 1.64 per cent to about Bt4.95 billion.


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