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Juice Nest drinks has all the goodness of bird nest

Nov 14. 2018
Saravut Sereethoranakul, Marketing Director, JS Asia Beverage Company Limited
Saravut Sereethoranakul, Marketing Director, JS Asia Beverage Company Limited
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By The Nation

After the official launch earlier this year, Juice Nest challenges the beverage industry with its hybrid drink positioning. Juice Nest is a bird nest-infused beverage from Japan that combines the benefits of collagen, glutathione and Q-10.

The drink also reignites the bird nest market with an affordable price of Bt69 for a 150-ml bottle. 

The drink aims to take a 10 per cent market share within three years. New recipes will soon be launched and the drinks will also be introduced to China, Taiwan and Cambodia, especially after winning a SIAL Innovation Finalist Award in 2015.

“We are still in the raising-awareness phase among our target group – the health and beauty-conscious young generation,” said Saravut Sereethoranakul, Marketing Director, JS Asia Beverage Company Limited, the owner of Juice Nest. 

“The brand crafts its image as the young crowd with active and healthy lifestyle, which is reflected through its advertisement and presenters such as Prin ‘Mark’ Suparat, Rasri ‘Margie’ Balenciaga, and Stefanie Lerch, as well as other influencers on social media like Instagram. 

“Our beverage is available through modern trade, while the ‘Win a Gold, Go Japan’ promotion is also organised annually. Doing so helps Juice Nest in striking its impression in the fiercely competitive market. Our latest campaign, ‘Dare to Try’, also aims to expand our presence among millennials. It was a chance for them to taste and know our product as the high quality ready-to-drink bird nest that is tasty and affordable. Within three years, we are confident that we will be in the hearts of the new generation and earn our 10 per cent market share.

“I made this ready-to-drink bird nest beverage from my passion, because my mother makes them for me since young. Throughout the years, I’ve come to love the drink and learn how to cook and select bird nests. Thailand is recognised as a source of high-quality bird nest. I make a business from what I love and believe that I understand the needs of our consumers.”

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