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BDMS Wellness Clinic eyes positive in Myanmar

Feb 21. 2019
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DRIVEN by the rise in awareness of Myanmar people about preventive medicine, BDMS Wellness Clinic (BWC), Thailand’s premier centre of wellness excellence, foresees a brighter outlook for its business performance in the near future, says its chief executive, Raymond Chong.


Chong said in an interview that the clinic has partnered with Sea Lion Group, a leading medical referral service in Myanmar, to introduce preventive medical services to enhance health and wellness of people in Thailand’s neighbouring country.

“The rising interest of Myanmar people in preventive medicine is music to our ears, as we have expertise and the capability to follow this new healthcare trend,” he said.

“It is perfect timing, with preventive medicine emerging as a new healthcare trend for people nowadays to adjust their lifestyle to avoid getting chronic diseases. Previously, the hospital business used to be based on the traditional healthcare model of curing unhealthy people.”

Chong said BWC decided to choose Sea Lion Group as its strategic partner for Myanmar due to the latter’s deep understanding of the market and local customer behaviour. Other factors included its long-time relationship with Bangkok Hospital, a major hospital of the BDMS Group.

“They are keen on the market, and have dedicated teams for medical consultancy and customer service. Having a good command of knowledge regarding medical terms and procedures is really important, and they have a comprehensive background in the healthcare industry, medical products and services. Their performance has led us to a strong partnership,” Chong said.

“In this cooperative venture, both of us have the same goal – we would like to see Myanmar people remain healthy, to live long and happy lives, by adopting the new health care concept that puts the emphasis on disease prevention.”

Chong expects to receive more customers from Myanmar thanks to the partnership that has been strengthened since signing a pact in late January.

“With our expertise, extensive network and services combining Sea Lion as a medical referral hub in Myanmar, we will be able to take care of Myanmar people through that channel,” he said.

According to Chong, the partnership ensures one-stop service and convenience for Myanmar people who want to go to Bangkok for medical check-ups and treatment. With its extensive local client base, Sea Lion will provide comprehensive medical tourism services, including air tickets, limousines and health services in response to customer needs. 

“Currently, our plan is targeting the referral model to refer Myanmar customers to Thailand for high-quality medical services. Since BWC was established with a full range of premier preventative care facilities and international standards in wellness, we want Myanmar people to experience the sophisticated services we provide,” he said.

Though BWC currently has no plans to build a hospital in Myanmar yet, it will train Sea Lion’s medical team on regenerative medicine later this year. Both parties will also introduce wellness medicine to medical practitioners and local people in Myanmar.

“We foresee positive outcomes from preventive medicine in Myanmar by 2020 and beyond,” said Chong.


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