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JD Central launches “Joy of Giving” campaign for breast and cervical cancer patients

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The public is invited to participate in “Joy of Giving” charitable campaign organised by JD Central by buying three limited edition t-shirts designed by three famous artists; Kantapon ‘Gong’ Metheekul, Anothai ‘Nae’ Niruttimetee and Wattanasak ‘Thong’ Chirathivat.

The t-shirts will be available for pre-order on JD Central application and website; JD.CO.TH, for Bt390 each from March 4-10. The proceeds of the income will go Ramathibodi Foundation for breast cancer and cervical cancer patients.
JD Central organises the event to mark the International Women’s Day that falls on March 8.
Rvisra Chirathivat, chief marketing officer of JD Central said that according the National Cancer Institute, breast cancer is the main cause of death in Thai women as 1 of 10-lifetime risk of getting breast cancer.
On average, 55 women died from breast cancer every day. Meanwhile, cervical cancer is also another major health problem in Thailand and it is the second most common cause of cancer death in women. Nowadays, cancer kills over 17 Thai women on average.
Recognizing the importance of cancers’ patient well-being, we organize “Joy of Giving” with three Thai famous artists to design t-shirts to raise fund to help patients in Ramathibodi Foundation. This will not only allow them to receive better treatment for a better quality of life but also encourage them to live a happy life.”
Each artist has created a piece of work which reflects ‘Joy of Giving’ concept. Kantapol ‘Gong’ Methikul, a Thai artist who has a reputation in his Teleport Art, creates the work on the theme finding happiness within ourselves.

While Anothai ‘Nae’ Niruttimetee, a young female street artist, uplifts woman patients through an ‘I love you’ American sign language portrayed in playful line drawing. Her concept is an encouragement which begins the moment you decided to encourage yourself. She believes anything could happen if there are hopes and supports of oneself and others.

And Wattanasak ‘Thong’ Chirathivat, a Thai artist, said “Hugging is my inspiration as it is an expression of joy and happiness. Moreover, it is an easy way to convey positive feelings to women. I decided to create my work through different types of tree that not only give us shade and shelter but also a place where we can turn to whenever we need encouragement.”  

Be a part to help women who are treated for breast and cervical cancer by pre-ordering 3 limited edition t-shirts on both JD CENTRAL application and website JD.CO.TH on 4 - 10 March 2019 (free delivery). The t-shirts will deliver on 15 March 2019 onwards. #JoyofGiving #JDCENTRAL

Published : March 01, 2019

By : The Nation