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Gloria Jean’s Coffees offer rich aroma to Thai petrol-station market

Jun 24. 2019
Rojana Homsin, the director of operations for Primo Food and Beverage Co Ltd
Rojana Homsin, the director of operations for Primo Food and Beverage Co Ltd
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AUSTRALIAN coffee chain, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, is coming to Thailand with a first-year target of 30 branches as it brings the aroma of coffee to Caltex Gas Station throughout the country.

Boasting above 800 branches in 50 countries in the world, including 12 in Thailand so far, the company’s copyright has been owned by Primo Food and Beverage since 2007. Billing itself as a “premium grade” coffeehouse, Gloria Jean’s uses only “specially selected” Arabica varieties.

The pattern on its ceramic coffee cup was co-designed by renowned artist ML Chiratorn Chirapravati. 

Rojana Homsin, the director of operations for Primo Food and Beverage Co Ltd, said Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a coffee-house brand of a world class premium standard, with its origins in Australia.

“Customers have a passion for the art of coffee, a brand that is dedicated to getting the best coffee with the story of travel in search of speciality coffee beans of only 100-per cent Arabica varieties from all over the world to get a quality coffee in their hands,” she said. The coffee shop business in Thailand has a high growth rate, with coffee having become a well-known beverage here a long time ago.

But the characteristics, popularity and behaviour of Thai coffee drinkers differ from that of foreigners. But they can have confidence in the quality of the Gloria Jean’s Coffees brand, which has the same quality control standards throughout the world from the selection of species to the roasting process under the control of a coffee expert, to imbuing the coffee beans with a unique flavour to being vacuum packed to avoid spoilage, said Rojana.

“Consumers can be confident that every coffee, every cup you drink, delivers freshness and is to the same standard as that for everyone around the world.”

Gloria Jean’s Coffees has also collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance to support the conservation and protection of wildlife, natural vegetation, ecology and environment, as well as to promote the creation of housing and to provide career education in coffee production to for local communities in many countries. Under the collaboration, Gloria Jean’s Coffees choose to source more than 85 per cent of their coffee from farms that have been Rainforest Alliance certified, which can be seen from the symbol that is attached to every package.

She said that in addition, the company has expanded its business.

“We see the premium coffee shop business as an investment business, with the business opportunities still opening up. Looking just at the premium coffee shops, it can be see that the sales volume continues to increase with the behaviour of consumers turning to drinking roasted coffee instead of instant coffee and their more meticulous selection of products. Plus there’s the quality of our brand’s products, therefore ensuring that the premium fresh coffee business will definitely change Thai coffee consumption behaviour. With an initial investment of Bt2.1 million, prepare to be the owner of a Gloria Jean’s Coffee business immediately,” said Rojana.

By the end of this year, she said, the company will have rolled out two franchise lines. The first will be the premium coffee-shop format, while the second will be “Expresso by Gloria Jean’s” outlets in partnership with Caltex. 


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