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Maru Laundry takes coin-operated laundry machines into new era

Jul 11. 2019
Pawarit Potivorakun, right, vice president of Kang Yong Up Young Co Ltd, and Bruce Wu, CEO of Up Young Co from Taiwan
Pawarit Potivorakun, right, vice president of Kang Yong Up Young Co Ltd, and Bruce Wu, CEO of Up Young Co from Taiwan
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Thailand’s leading household electronic appliances brand Kang Yong Co Ltd has joined hands with the Japanese-Taiwanese Up Young Co to launch a new franchise -- “Maru Laundry” coin-operated washing machines.

The company is confident of high revenue and aims to make itself Thailand’s number one coin-operated laundry machine brand.

Pawarit Potivorakun, vice president of Kang Yong Up Young Co Ltd, said the company is collaborating with a leading self-service laundry business from Japan and Taiwan to introduce the Maru Laundry brand in Thailand. He said it was the first franchise-operated futuristic laundry machine made for the new era.

“Thailand’s market has great potential for growth. We are very excited because the consumers here like to experience new products and lifestyle. The coin laundry will help them save time,” he said.

Maru Laundry was set up in Thailand in 2019. It is an original new brand in the market but “it combines the strength from our Japan and Taiwan experience. We expect to open 10 shops in 2019, and 50 shops next year,” Pawarit said.

“In the next three years, we plan to open at least 200 shops in Thailand. We would like to focus on the Thailand market and provide Thai consumers and investors with best quality consulting service and warranty service.” Kang Yong Up Young has set itself the goal of making Maru Laundry Thailand’s number one laundry machine brand within two years, said Pawarit.

“Maru Laundry’s automatic laundry machine offers a full service of washing and drying within one hour, which is highly efficient and suitable for our target group,” said Pawarit.

“We are pleased to join hands with Kang Yong by bringing Japan’s number one coin-operated laundry machine brand, Aqua, to Thailand,” said Bruce Wu, CEO of Up Young Cornerstone Corporation in Taiwan. "This is considered a strong point to raise confidence among investors and consumers, as it is enhanced by high quality and durability. In addition, our 40 years of experience in coin-operated laundry service in Taiwan and Japan will provide perfect solutions to the investors and consumers,” he added.

“Maru Laundry will put Aqua, Japan’s number one coin-operated laundry machine brand, in service to provide our customers with the best-ever laundry experience. It has a washing-drying automatic programme, which can be completed within one hour. The highlight is a friendly voice-over system to assist all users, an easy-to-use controlling panel and a pre-wash hygienic system that preserves fabric and keeps your laundry in good condition. Maru Laundry is the first brand to install a complete gas security system. With a convenient Internet of Things service, franchise owner can also install a remote monitoring system from the headquarters,” Pawarit said.

“The Maru Laundry business model will create high revenue for investors with an initial investment of Bt3 million and return on investment of over Bt800,000 per year, with a payback period of merely 3.78 years and 20-30 per cent expense from overall income.”

The Commerce Ministry’s Department of Business Development said that the current market value of franchise business is as high as Bt2.8 billion and tends to continuously expand with an average of 20.3 per cent per year.

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