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KBank volunteers clock up more hours of ‘good deeds’

Jul 16. 2019
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With a campaign called “Tham Di Thai Dai: Let’s Do Good Deeds Together Again”, KBank is mustering a volunteer force to help create a sustainable society.

The bank gives its employees to take a day off each year to participate in the programme and anticipates that 24,000 staff members will devote 200,000 hours of service to their communities by the end of 2019.

Senior executive vice president Dr Adit Laixuthai said the programme extended to both working hours and free time. 

The project started in 2016 with an initial target of 20,000 hours of volunteer service. Entering its fourth year, the project targets 24,000 participating employees and 200,000 hours. 

Staff members are encouraged to invite their family members, friends and colleagues to volunteer for social work in line with the “Green DNA” concept of sustainable development embedded in the staff’s collective conscience through every business process at KBank.

More than 30,000 employees of KBank, KBTG and K Companies are free to take a day off each year to share their knowledge via a volunteer activity of their choice, whether alone or as a group of at least 10. 

KBank provides each group Bt5,000 to engage in environmental conservation and any other activities that will benefit society at large or the underprivileged. 

KBank believes such activities let its employees spend more time in communities close to their offices, allowing them to better understand the needs and problems of local residents.

At the same time, they might help their communities find solutions or organise activities that bring about positive changes.

Employees update their activities via KBank Green DNA on Facebook, sharing their good deeds with the public, which will in turn motivate others to do good works for a sustainable and balanced economy, society and environment. 

In the past three years, 41,000 staff members have performed more than 230,000 hours of volunteer activities under the programme.

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