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Royal Canin to launch “Take Your Pet to the Vet” cat campaign

Jul 22. 2019
 Chadon Suwanarit, director of Veterinary Medicine and managing director of Royal Canin (Thailand)
Chadon Suwanarit, director of Veterinary Medicine and managing director of Royal Canin (Thailand)
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Royal Canin, the manufacturer and distributor of dog and cat food from France, is launching its “Take Your Pet to the Vet” campaign during the upcoming Thailand Cat Show to educate pet owners about appropriate nutrition and healthcare for their animals.

The company has also joined with Rakmaw for Stray Cats Foundation to find homes for strays. 

With more new-generation people living in condominiums, the demand for cats has been on the rise as these pets are easy to raise in a condominium lifestyle, said Chadon Suwanarit, director of Veterinary Medicine and managing director of Royal Canin (Thailand). “Cats do not make a lot of noise and mostly cause no trouble for neighbours. Cat owners in turn see them as companions, showering them with love and care just like a family member,” he added. 

In order to respond to the hygienic way of raising cats and keeping them in good health, the company has focused on nutritional diets by placing emphasis on educating cat lovers via a variety of channels such as veterinary clinics, breeders, pet shops or online platforms, Chadon said. 

He said Royal Canin has continuously underlined the importance of establishing a good relationship with cat owners through marketing and sale channels that respond to the behaviour of pet owners. 

The company has collaborated with Cat Fanciers’ Club of Thailand to organise the 19th Thailand Cat Show 2019 from July 26 to 29 on the fourth floor of Central Plaza WestGate. Besides the company’s “Take Your Pet to the Vet” programme, there will be other activities by Royal Canin Club, such as cat contests and helping find a home for strays through the Rakmaw for Stray Cats Foundation. Royal Canin will also offer various cat foods at special prices at the fair. The special highlight of the show will be the largest-cat contest, which aims to promote and support the development of cat breeders. It features the international Cat Fanciers’ Association show, a contest for all cat breeds, and the Black & Mackerel Cat Show. 

Chadon said the cat food market is expected to grow faster than dog diets this year.

Thailand has more than 12 million dogs and cats raised as family companions, eight million of which are dogs. However, as there are many stray cats, the company has been assisting in the project to find new homes for them through Rakmaw since 2015. So far, 3,353 cats have been adopted, 522 of which have been taken to a new home through the Thailand Cat Show. 

“Based on statistics, cat owners visit the vet less often than dog owners because they may think cats are generally healthier than dogs. In fact, cats have the same chance of getting sick as other animals. So cat owners too should take their pets for a health check once or twice a year. The veterinarian can recommend nutritional diets suitable to these animals of different ages and breeds and follow up on their behavior to ensure they maintain good health at any age,” Chadon said.

The company has also developed a Royal Canin Club application to help cat owners understand how to take better care of their pets. The app has useful knowledge based on cats’ ages and breeds as well as advice from nutritionists and veterinarians. People interested in their pet’s health can download the app and register to be a member of Royal Canin Club. Besides the knowledge and advice, there will be a host of fun activities, including points members can accumulate and reward redemption on products and services, the company said. 

Royal Canin has been in operation for more than 50 years since French veterinarian Monsieur Jean Cathary founded the company in 1968. The firm’s products have been sold in Thailand since 2005. The company has differentiated itself by emphasising that all dogs and cats should be able to access the best nutrition from the first to the last meal in their lives. It also focuses on two main subjects – firstly, knowledge comes along with love, as the natural behaviour of dogs and cats have been studied before the development of food formulas; secondly, diets have been specially created to best suit the animals’ nature. Dogs and cats are the core for the company’s research and development as well as its science-based innovation. Moreover, its production standards in all corners of the world have been strictly supervised, the company said.

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