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AIS Fibre aims to shake up home broadband internet industry

Aug 29. 2019
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By The Nation

AIS Fibre says it is determined to develop its network and bring advanced technology to customers needing it only for a specific time period in order to create services that meet the new standards of the industry.

In a release on Thursday, the provider said it would do that by focusing on the various usage behaviours of customers in each period and aim to raise the standard of customer service to the next level.

After delivering the “Speed Toggle” feature that allows customers to manually adjust and switch the its first home broadband internet in April this year, it received a landslide of support from customers, said the release.

To further meet the needs of customers, it will target those who want to download or upload large files, such as concerts or live broadcasts, to sell products online or for streaming e-sports games.

AIS Fibre will launch a new feature that allows customers to experience quality from the most modern technology, by developing a system that can adjust internet speed flexibly with the option of temporarily receiving more speed with the "Speed Toggle Overdrive Download and Overdrive Upload”. 

Customers will be able to switch the internet speed, download and upload by themselves simply as they need throughout the day and night via the website without having to change to a higher package. Customers will be able to use the highest speed internet that has not been sold in the market through this feature.

For example, take a customer who applies to download a 200 Mbps and upload 100 Mbps package. When switching to the overdrive download speed, customers will immediately get a download speed of 300 Mbps, along with a 1 Mbps upload speed. When customers switch to the overdrive upload speed, they will get an upload speed of 300 Mbps and download at 1 Mbps as well.

For customers with SYMMETRY packages, such as the 100/100 Mbps package, if they switch the overdrive download, they will get the download speed at 200 Mbps, along with a 1 Mbps upload speed.

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