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Marketing report explores digital spending on ads

Data-driven performance marketing company, Heroleads, recently released a report on Southeast Asia and Thailand’s digital transformation that also forecast the most influential trends likely to impact local and international businesses across Thailand in the coming years.



Heroleads highlighted the growth of mobile ad spending, which accounts for over 51 per cent of the total digital ad revenue in Thailand. At present, an interesting trend in mobile advertising is the emergence of Mobile Wallet Platforms. The key objective of these digital payment solutions is to turn Thailand into a cashless society.
Another is the growing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, which helps businesses in engaging, personalising and optimizing ads for their customers like never before. Alongside AI, Machine Learning is also being integrated into platforms which consumers use every day, especially in chat applications or digital assistants which are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Marketing report explores digital spending on ads
The white paper also discusses the merits of content marketing as a crucial instrument of marketing strategy, which can help brands establish their expert position. The content may come in various forms, but video and podcasts appear to be the most relevant in Thailand. Digital content market, covering games, animation and e-learning grew by almost 12 per cent in 2018 in comparison to 2017.
The white paper is divided into three chapters. The first chapter focuses on the importance of digitalisation for business in the era of continuously growing tech usage and internet adoption. Chapter two is dedicated to Southeast Asia’s Digital Marketing landscape which has become the hotbed of digital growth and continues to thrive at an impressive pace. Chapter three sums up the most important digital trends in Thailand.

Marketing report explores digital spending on ads
“At Heroleads, we have had experience working with many businesses and brands across several industries, and we have seen a big change, especially in the Thai market. Global digitalization has continued to grow. The key strategy for winning the digital transformation is not only the capacity to handle it but also business direction and the knowledge of using social media and digital tools correctly. Heroleads wants this white paper to be another important aid that can help top entrepreneurs, seasoned marketing professionals, and small business owners. This report will help them in tapping into the key insights of the Asian market, it’s consumers and the potential segments so that they can be the first movers with their strategy for data and modern marketing” said Carlo Herold, Founder, and CEO of Heroleads Thailand.
Read the white paper at https://www.heroleadsonlineseminar.com/sea-and-thailands.../

Marketing report explores digital spending on ads


Published : September 09, 2019

By : The Nation