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SP Wellness teams up with Premier Marketing to launch ‘innovative’ Dr Klean adult diapers

Sep 16. 2019
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By The Nation

SP Wellness & Innovation has joined hands with Premier Marketing to sell Super Absorbent Polymer adult diapers from Belgium under the Dr Klean brand in Thailand, aiming to achieve a sales target of Bt200 million in three years, the company said at a press conference on Monday. 

Jirawat Teepsrepreuk, managing director, SP Wellness & Innovation, said Thailand’s elderly population is on the rise while the annual birth rate has not increased.

“The company has conducted various statistical studies to look into the matter, resulting in the inspiration to make the elderly in Thailand confident of happily living out their golden years. So we desire to see innovative Dr Klean adult diapers help support the quality of life for the elderly. We are confident that nobody can understand the feeling and needs of this group of people more than their children. Dr Klean adult diapers for the elderly have been researched and developed to satisfy the Thai market with recognised technology and production standards from Belgium,” Jirawat said.

“The target group for our products is mainly patients and the elderly, whose physical condition is classified as category ADL 0, meaning people with urinary incontinence, and category ADL 5, meaning bedridden patients. Sales of these diapers are expected to reach Bt200 million in three years – not a high percentage of market share. So we think the target is achieveable.

“In addition, the partnership with Premier Marketing, which we signed a memorandum of understanding with on business cooperation, takes into consideration the shared benefits. 

“This cooperation is divided into four main areas – logistics, in which Premier Marketing has a nationwide distribution network; supply, in which Dr Klean will continuously support the supply of quality products; marketing, in which Dr Klean will continue to market the product both online and offline, including in department stores that have had a good relationship with Premier for a long time, such as Siam Paragon, Emquartier, Embassy, The Mall, Villa, Tops and Maxvalu; and finance, in which the company will support the sale with credit and without collateral to Premier, whereas Premier will support the analysis, credit option to retailers and debt collection from retailers all over the country,” Jirawat added.

Pitoon Pungvirawat, assistant managing director of sales at Premier Marketing, said that the diaper market in Thailand tends to keep growing, partly due to an increasing elderly population. 

“The innovative Dr Klean adult diaper is an outstanding product in itself and is backed by the company’s distribution channels with experience in the market for a long time. We believe these will make the product successful, with a reachable price for a premium product,” Pitoon said.

“Premier Marketing Group is one of the leading distributing companies with more than 40 years of experience and has distributed a wide range of consumer products. This strategic combination will make the product quickly acceptable by Thai consumers,” Pitoon added.

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