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New innovative diaper targets elderly population

Sep 18. 2019
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SP Wellness and Innovation Co Ltd has joined hands with Premier Marketing Plc to launch “Dr Klean”, an innovative adult diaper.

The diaper uses super absorbent polymer from Belgium. The company is targeting sales of Bt200 million within three years.

Jirawat Teepsrepreuk, managing director of SP Wellness and Innovation Co Ltd, which imports the adult diaper, said that Thailand is becoming an ageing society. Advanced medical technology, regular exercise lifestyle and Thai people’s changing values on better diet have increased longevity while the annual birth rate is not increasing. The proportion of the elderly in the overall population is therefore increasing.

Jirawat said the launch of the innovative adult diaper for the elderly follows a lot of research and development to satisfy the Thai market with recognised technology and production standard from Belgium.

“Our collaboration with Premier Marketing Public Company Limited will help enhance the market opportunities for supporting the elderly market in Thailand. At the same time, this launch also provides knowledge to family members to learn how to take care of the elderly, understand how to select products due to the diversity covering all needs of users,” Jirawat said.

"The target group for our products is mainly a group of patients and the elderly whose physical conditions are classified as category ADL 0, meaning people with urinary incontinence; and category ADL 5, meaning bedridden patients," Jirawat added.

“The company has the innovation to take care of these patients at reachable and reasonable price and the sales target is expected to reach Bt200 million within three years,” Jirawat said.

Prior to kicking off this project, the company looked at statistical data on the market value of the past three years; it was found that the total market value was over Bt2 billion.

The partnership with Premier Marketing Public Company Limited will support the distribution network. 

“Our business cooperation is divided into 4 main areas, including logistics. Premier Marketing has a distribution network that is nationwide. The marketing of Dr Klean will be conducted offline and online as well as through leading department stores that have a good relationship with Premier for a long time, such as Siam Paragon, Emquartier, Embassy, The Mall, Villa, Tops and Maxvalue, etc,” Jirawat said.

Pitoon Pungvirawat, assistant managing director for sales at Premier Marketing, said the diaper market in Thailand tends to grow continuously, partly due to the ageing society. “The innovative adult diaper, Dr Klean, besides being an outstanding product, can avail of the company’s distribution channels with long experience in the market."

“Premier Marketing Group is one of the leading distribution companies with over 40 years of experience and has distributed a wide range of consumer products. This strategic combination will make the product quickly acceptable to Thai consumers" Pitoon said.

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