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Tetra Pak to upgrade services with Connected Package

Sep 30. 2019
Supanat Ratanadib, marketing director at Tetra Pak (Thailand)
Supanat Ratanadib, marketing director at Tetra Pak (Thailand)
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By Jirapan Boonnoon
The Nation

Tetra Pak will launch Connected Package services to further drive its business next year while expecting revenue growth of 2 per cent by the end of 2019.

Supanat Ratanadib, marketing director at Tetra Pak (Thailand) said that the firm offers technology and sustainability to support demand of customers by providing three main services to the market including packaging solutions, processing solutions and services solutions.

  He said the firm is testing Connected Package and expects the services to be available in the market next year.

  The new services will facilitate the  incorporation of  connected packs leveraging technologies such as QR Codes technology into the package. It would create interaction and engagement for brands and playful packaging via application of interactive technology. It can also expand customised and personalised capabilities for business.

   Connected Package will improve transparency and tracking each product individually, improve quality control to reduce the risk of food safety issues, connect to consumers more efficiently in a new way and enable business to communicate with consumers directly.

   "The Connected Package is of intelligence packaging that opens up new ways of communicating and tracking. A unique digital identification (QR Code) together with connected solutions creates value throughout the digital journey," said Supanat.

   He added that two groups of solutions enabled by the Connected Packed are consumer engagement and track & trace.

   For consumer engagement, business can create marketing campaign and promotions based on mobile apps, thus opening up a direct channel with consumers. Meanwhile, business will be able to build consumer trust by providing full transparency and verifying the authenticity of products. Business can also engage with consumers on a whole new level by using principles of gaming to create engagement and raise awareness for recycling.

Meanwhile, through track & trace, it can help business manages supply chain optimisation, channel management, claims management and recall management.

  He said that the Connected Package will create benefit for manufacturer, brand owners, and retailers since it would improve food safety and quality, improve brand trust, reduce risk , cost and waste by tracking every product, improve stock management and enhanced shopping experience to its consumers as well as create consumer engagement.

  For shoppers, the platform will allow users access to vast amounts of information such as where the product was made, the farm the ingredients came from and where the package can be recycled.

He said the firm expects the new platform to become popular  next year since businesses will be able to create campaigns and contract with customers via QR-Code technology.

   “I think packaging in the near future will allow direct  communication with end-users. As a result, business will able to improve their efficiency and productivity as a whole. It will also support industry 4.0,” said Supanat.


  said:" the firm also provides marketing services that understand consumer needs to address brand positioning,  such as market insights, co-creation workshops, automation solutions and product concept development, towards providing end to end solutions in support of its customers.

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