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Grab boasts 120 million bookings in 10 months

Grab Thailand has enjoyed strong growth across all business groups compared to other markets in the region, according to the company’s country head Tarin Thaniyavarn.



“From January to October, we had more than 120 million bookings from our taxi, messenger and food delivery services, which is roughly 12 times higher than that of our competitors,” he said. “By year end we expect the usage to soar even further as foreign tourists will have a high demand for taxi services during the high season.”
Tarin further explained that Grab Food, the company’s mobile platform for food delivery service, saw the largest expansion this year. “We have partnered with restaurants and food franchise operators nationwide and we hold promotional campaigns every month,” he said. “The number of our partners has climbed from 200 brands in May to 400 brands in November, while the latest “Grab 11.11” campaign offers more than 10,000 discount deals to customers.”
Currently Grab Food is offering services in 20 cities of 14 provinces. “Next year we plan to expand to 30 provinces,” he said. “Statistics from the Kantar World research institute revealed that Grab Food is Thailand’s number 1 food delivery app with 54 per cent of customers registered, while our competitors have only 21 per cent.”
Grab boasts 120 million bookings in 10 months

As for 2020 business plan, Tarin said that the company will still focus on food delivery as the market has room for expansion. “A slowing economy is actually beneficial to our business because people see that ordering food via mobile app is cheaper than going out to the restaurants as transportation and fuel costs continue to get higher,” he said.
Responding to the recent protest by partner delivery drivers regarding wage cuts, Tarin said that Grab needed to adjust the wages periodically in accordance with consumer behaviors and economic status. “However, we insist that the goal of these adjustments is to maintain a sustainable relationship with all partners, and that Grab’s wage is still higher than that of our competitors.

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Published : November 08, 2019

By : Wariya Khamchana The Nation