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AIS poised for launch of 5G service

Feb 19. 2020
AIS chief consumer business officer Pratthana Leelapanang
AIS chief consumer business officer Pratthana Leelapanang
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Advanced Info Service (AIS) stands ready to launch the 5G service, said its chief consumer business officer Pratthana Leelapanang on Wednesday (February 19).

The company clinched the highest number of bandwidth from the multiband auction last Sunday.

Its subsidiary Advanced Wireless Network (AWN) grabbed one licence of 700MHz band totalling 2x5MHz bandwidth, 10 licences of 2600MHz, totalling 100MHz bandwidth and 12 licences of 26GHz totalling 1200MHz bandwidth.

While declining to specify the launch schedule, he said that AIS now has a strong portfolio of low frequency, medium frequency, and high frequency bands, including 700 MHz range of 30 MHz bandwidth (2x15 MHz), 2600 MHz range of 100 MHz bandwidth and 26 GHz range of 1200 MHz bandwidth.

If counting only AIS' 5G frequency ranges, there are all at 1330 MHz bandwidth. If counting all bands, AIS has the highest bandwidth of combined 4G and 5G spectra, totalling 1420 MHz. Besides, AIS also provides 2100MHz service totalling 30MHz bandwidth, using TOT's 2100MHz band.

He added that AIS intended to use the 5G spectrum to its full potential, aiming to provide 5G to all sectors, not only the consumer group but also in industries.

In the first phase, AIS intended to expand 5G to the Eastern Economic Corridor area, where it has tested the new technology with leading organisations in the zone.

The acquisition of the 2600MHz from the auction will not only serve AIS' planned 5G launch on the band but will also enhance its existing 4G service, as 4G mobile devices of all its existing 16 million 4G customers also support the 2600MHz band.

Currently AIS has around 42 million mobile phone service subscribers.

In a related matter, the board of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission on Wednesday approved the results of the multiband auction last Sunday.

Besides AWN, CAT Telecom clinched two licences of 700MHz, TrueMove H Universal Communication obtained 9 licences of 2600MHz and 8 licences of 26GHz, TOT four licences of 26GHz, and dtac TriNet of Total Access Communication (dtac) two licences of 26GHz.

Dtac chief executive officer Sharad Mehrotra said on Tuesday (February 18) that dtac is expected to kick off its 5G wireless broadband service on the newly acquired 26GHz band in selected locations in the first half of this year. Deployment of the 5G network on its 700MHz band is planned for the second half of 2020.

True Corp will announce its 5G business direction tomorrow (February 20).

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