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Kerry denies parcel deliveries hit by staff quitting

Apr 07. 2020
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Delivery service Kerry Express (Thailand) has denied online rumours that parcels are going undelivered because its staff are quitting amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"Following a viral story shared all in social media regarding Kerry employee resignations causing parcels to be undelivered, the company firmly conveys that the story is not true,” said the company's chief commercial officer Warawut Natpradith on Tuesday (April 7). “We have over 20,000 employees who are still working normally."

However, Kerry admitted it was now facing unprecedented challenges as the pandemic had sparked increased demand for parcel services from every industry.

"[D]ue to the higher demand for goods delivery during the Covid-19 outbreak and the state of emergency, we urgently took remedial measures by assigning an emergency response team to manage pending shipments in every warehouse," he said.

The company said it has implemented a range of measures to deal with the situation.

Parcels sent on or before April 4 would be delivered within this upcoming week, it said.

Meanwhile it is recruiting over 1,000 new call centre and operational-support staff while also offering special renumerations to motivate and boost employee morale.

In addition, Kerry said it has temporarily increased estimated shipping time from one day to two-three days and is prioritising delivery of medical and protective equipment for the Covid-19 crisis, as well as goods with an expiry date.

Kerry has urged customers not to come to its warehouses to pick up or dispatch parcels, as this risks spreading Covid-19 and also slowing delivery operations.

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