Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Line Thailand launches campaign to ‘Debut’ new influencers

Line Thailand is launching the “Debut” campaign to find new influencers in the local social media industry and offering up to Bt5 million in awards.



Contestants, aged between 15 and 28, are required to submit photographs and videos. 
Photographs must comprise a portrait, a mugshot and a full-body shot, while videos must include an introduction clip and one displaying the contestant’s talent. Clips can be no longer than three minutes. 
Winners will not only get awards but will also get a chance to attend the “Line Debut Camp”, where they will be trained in the art of influencing by five professional influencers. 
Winners will also get to appear in Line TV dramas as well as participate in content produced by content provider, Good Day Official.
Those interested have until July 8 to register via @lineidolth. Additional details can also be found in the official account.

Published : June 24, 2020