Thu, July 07, 2022


Bangchak subsidiary taps new green energy business

BCPG Public Company, a leading renewable energy enterprise under Bangchak Corporation, has said that the company is preparing to enter the new business of District Cooling System (DCS) for buildings in newly emerged cities.

Bundit Sapianchai, president and CEO of BCPG, said: “DCS is a new business under the green energy initiative that has potential markets in office buildings, shopping malls, convention centres, community malls, airports, universities, industrial estates and mixed-use buildings,” he said.
“Thailand has many potential customers in emerging urban areas, and we are aiming to penetrate markets in neighbouring countries too, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.”
Recently BCPG partnered Keppel DHCS from Singapore and Team Group as a joint bid winner of DCS development in Chula Smart City project.
“The project will cover the commercial areas in Bangkok’s Suan Luang and Sam Yan areas, which is under the management of Chulalongkorn University,” he said.
“The DCS to be installed in the areas will have cooling load of 18,000 refrigeration tons. The feasibility study will begin in 2022 and the project is expected to start within 2027.”
Bundit further added that the Chula Smart City will be a pilot project in energy conservation that features renewable energy and the use of innovations in energy management. “It is expected that these innovations will help reduce energy cost within the project by 35-50 per cent,” he said. “The project has a concession contract of 20 years and is expected to generate income of Bt7.5 billion with an investment return ratio at over 10 per cent.”
“BCPG is also planning to extend the success of smart energy projects in newly emerged cities in Thailand and neighbouring countries,” added Bundit. “Examples of these projects are the Peer to Peer Trading that uses blockchain technology, the energy trading town at Sukhumvit 77 (T77 project) and the Smart University project in Chiang Mai.”

Published : July 24, 2020