Plan unveiled for Bt31.9bn Ayutthaya rail hub


Public-private partnerships will invest Bt31.9 billion to develop Ayutthaya as a national high-speed rail hub, according to the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning.

The Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) project will be constructed around Ayutthaya railway station to promote the province as an international destination for culture and history. The TOD is expected to connect with high-speed train lines linking Bangkok with the North and with Nakhon Ratchasima in the Northeast.

Roengsak Thongsom, director of the office's Bureau of Transport and Traffic System Development, said Ayutthaya is one of three cities chosen for the TOD project.

The projects would boost development of the cities and their provinces, he said.

"This project will help [Ayutthaya] province develop its full potential with a variety of transport systems, green spaces, sidewalks and cycling routes."

Construction of Ayutthaya station's TOD project is divided into four phases – immediate (2021-2022), short-term (2023-2027), medium-term (2028-2032) and long-term (2033-2037).

It will consist of five zones:

1. Double-track and high-speed railway station, including station buildings, offices, and staff accommodation.

2. Commercial zone, including buildings not more than 30 metres high, such as shopping centres, offices, hotels, convention centres and condominiums to support trading and services along Rojana Road.

3. Mixed-use tourism zone, including shopping centres, high street retail, offices, hotels and rented apartments to support tourists and business travellers.

4. Mixed-use living zone of middle- and high-level condominiums and shopping centres to support growth of communities.

5. Residential zone for long-term residents, both local and foreign.