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Thai investors offered new mutual funds to beat stock volatility

Asset management companies are launching various types of mutual funds in the remainder of this year to meet investors' needs during market volatility.

SCB Asset Management will this year launch up to six funds worth approximately Bt18 billion – two global equity funds and four complex return funds, said its head of Marketing Strategy and Investment Products Suparat Areewong.

"The global equity fund that focuses on foreign shares will help diversify risks and generate returns in the long term, while the complex return fund will help generate returns in line with the gold price and reduce risks of capital loss," she said.

Krungthai Asset Management is planning to launch up to six funds worth approximately Bt15 billion this year, including four global fixed income funds and one Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF), said Chatchaphol Srivaleepan, executive vice president of Business Development.

"The global fixed income fund will help generate additional returns and is suitable for customers who can tolerate low and moderate risks, while the RMF focuses on China A-shares and is suitable for long-term investors," he said, adding that RMF investments are tax deductible.

Kasikorn Asset Management has plans to launch three RMFs worth about Bt15 billion this year.

"The company launched the K-CHANGE-RMF on November 2-6, which focuses on global shares related to green trends, while the K-CHINA-RMF focusing on Chinese shares will be launched soon," said Navin Intharasombat, first senior vice president for foreign investment management, adding that the K-USA-RMF for US shares is currently awaiting approval.

Tisco Asset Management is launching up to two RMFs worth about Bt2 billion and focused on foreign stock markets that are able to generate better returns than Thai stocks.

"Previously, the company launched four Super Savings Funds that invest in about Bt4 billion of Thai and Chinese shares, and one fund that focuses on stocks related to next-generation internet, such as cloud computing, big data and blockchain," said Sarat Chatsuwan, director of marketing and investment adviser.

Meanwhile BBL Asset Management will introduce two funds worth about Bt25 billion after launching the Bualuang China A-Shares Equity RMF worth Bt5 billion at the beginning of November.

UOB Asset Management will soon establish two funds, the United China A-Shares Innovation Fund (UCI) and United Sustainable Equity Solution Fund (USUS).

The UCI fund will target China A-shares related to innovation, while the USUS fund will focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) stocks.

Published : November 16, 2020

By : The Nation