Sat, October 16, 2021


Nation Multimedia Group branches into coffee business

Nation Multimedia Group (NMG) launched Nation Coffee on Thursday, as a step into the food and beverage industry.

Nation Coffee will sell food and beverages, especially tea, coffee and baked goods, and will also supply goods to other businesses in the sector, as per the company's objectives. Its registered capital is Bt10 million, divided into 100,000 ordinary shares at the par value of Bt100 per share. Of the total capital, Bt2.5 million has been paid up.

The new subsidiary’s shareholding structure is as follows:

• NBC Next Vision (NNV), a subsidiary of Nation Broadcasting Corporation, holds a 60 per cent stake with 60,000 shares.

• NMG holds a 39.99 per cent stake with 39,997 shares.

• Warangkana Kalayanapradit, Aura-orn Akarasanee and Supawat Sa-nguan-ngam hold one share each or a stake of 0.001 per cent.

Nation Coffee’s board of directors comprises:

• Aura-orn Akrasanee

• Warangkana Kalayanapradit

• Supawat Sa-nguan-ngam

• Weerasak Pongaksorn

Published : January 28, 2021

By : The Nation